Rear window whiper repair kit Porsche 964 + 993

We think about that and produced a small series of repair kits for the problem 964/993 of the arm break of the rear window whiper.

Price 98,77 € plus shipping

Steering gear 993 and 993 Turbo year of construction 94-98

Repaired-overtakes in AT

Price 1099,00 € plus shipping

Heater fan in the at Porsche 964 + 993

We offer a heater fan 964/993 in AT (99362432801 actual price 745-,€)
We disassemble the box shown on the photo and install a new engine.Only undamaged boxes will be repaired.

Price 535-,€ +pledge 150-,€ plus delivery costs

GPS Tracker
usable for all modells.APP for Appel/Android. Precise indication of the location.Exact tracking on mobile data and GPS.Many times built in!!!
Lets ask for an individual offer.

Prices on demand

Suspension arm in the at Porsche 964 + 993

Suspension arm in exchange 964/993
We recommend to use also new knurled screws
964: E.Nr. 96434146502 Price/piece. 19,50,- € plus delivery costs
993: E.Nr. 99334146500 Price/piece 12.11,- € plus delivery costs

Price in the AT piece 285,60 € plus delivery costs
Pledge 150,- €

Porsche steering wheel to be new coated

Coating with new leather of your steering wheel
starting at

267,- € plus delivery costs

Porsche 356 Dynamo in the at

and Conversion of 6V to 12V

356 Lima 6Volt + 12Volt in the at 357,-€ plus delivery costs

Conversion 6Volt Lima to 12Volt420,-€ plus delivery costs

Restauration of instruments

Ouverhaul and repair of all Porsche instruments.

Prices on demand