Restoration 911 2,4 S


At the 24.05.2012 the 9112,4S reached his aim from Canada at Krage Auto GmbH

Visual Inspection

First we made an visual inspection and an fully inventory of the car.Some parts of the car where wrapped as gift in christmas paper.In June 2012 we started the restoration of this 911 2,4S. To check the engine we first connected the mechanical
fuelpump to the engine. The drain plug of the tank was assembled and wefilled up some fuel.So the engine got back to life piece by piece.

Partly Engine Restoration

Preparation for Iceblasting

Now the car was prepared for iceblasting.The whole body was cleaned with an steamjet.Than we took many parts like rear bumper,back lights,moulding,rockerpanels,exhaust,heatexchangers and the front fender apart.

Delivery to Dry- Ice-Blasting

On the 27.6.2012 the car was hoocked on the trailer for delivery to the Dry-Ice_Blasting- company.

Back from Dry- Ice- Blasting

At the 12.07.2012 we picked up the car from the ice blast company together with our customer.The result was absolutely exciting.

To the paintshop and back




Assembly Work

Wake Up after 21years


The wake up after 21years at the 12.06.2012 at 10:31 , triggered strong euphoric feelings within us and our client .