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In December 2012, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Krage Auto GmbH is the oldest independent Porsche repair shop in Berlin. We offer a wide range of services around the Porsche legend. The air-cooled models 356-993 are our priority, but your water-cooled Porsche (986, 996 ..) will also be in good hands with us.



Since years we restore with abandon Porsche.



We are by far the oldest specialized Porsche workshop in Berlin.



Engine, Wheels or complete modification for your Porsche…


Die Firma

In November 1962 founded and since in Richardstr. 95…


Heating and air conditioning system for 964 and 993

The heating and air conditioning systems
in the 964/993 was the first microprocessor-
controlled Vehicle air system. This system is
a very complex technology. Therefore, we
now offer for this a diagnosis and complete
system check. All sensors and actuators will
read out or controlled. The depth of this
test is substantially greater than the OBD
scan. This gives a clear indication to the
existing bug, regardless on the functional
state of the Climate control unit.
Air conditioning and heating diagnostics
for 964 and 993
Price: 53,55 € + VAT


This Porsche 356 SC left on 19th of November 1964 the mill in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. Until the beginning of the seventies only six owner has been registered in an original paperback letter. 1996 the Porsche 356 SC has been totally restored in our garage.

Details for Restoration