911SC Bj.79 back to life after 9years of rest PART.1

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911 SC Bj 79

Put it on the trailer .

First Inspection and getting the engine back to life without exhaust system.Engines was burning lots of oil,so we took the engine of to have alook inside.

Engine is out!

Injection airbox starting to fall in pieces.

Another picture of the broken airbox .

Zylinderheads were completely worn out.The valve guides and valves were so bad that they were working like an oilpump.

Crankcase with headstuts.But these stuts are different.After we took of the bottom lane we find out that someone drilled the Thread to M11 instead of M10.Big problem because we could not get the new original bolts back in.So we put in M10 time serts.

Open crankcase!We need to do it because the crank doesnt look so good on the surface.

Nearly apart!

Now it is done!

Cleaned crankcase housing ready to get back together.

Only a few minutes to put the case together.

Now its done and with new original stuts.

Overhault cylinder heads are back on too.

Camshatfhousing is on too

Looks nice and fresh!

Here we go almost done!
To be continued!!!!