356B T5 from Zenith32NDIX to Weber 40IDF

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356B T5 from Zenith32NDIX to Weber 40IDF

We needed to solve a problem with the Zenith 32 NDIX carbs.These carbs were leaking by chance on the Jetcovers,There was no Carb professional who could help with fully warranty of no more leaking.So we made an decision together with the customer and changed to specially made Weber 40IDF.They have to be special because it is an 1600cc 60 hp engine completely different to 1600 S,SC and Super90.At least the decision was right because the engine runs so much better than before.

Bild links:
Already took of the Zenith32NDIX.
You can only see the old inlet manifolds .

The old inlet manifold!

Specially configured Weber 40IDF Set!

Weber inlet manifold left side! To install these manifold you have to take of the complete aircover steelplates.The aircover for the plugs have to be modified.

Weber inlet manifold right side!

Weber 40IDF on right side connected!

Weber 40IDF connected also with K&N airfilter

Complete installed 40 IDF Weber-Set!